Our mission

Corvid Moon Publishing is the business arm of lauriestewart-author.com

I am an independent and self-published author of Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, and non-fiction books on a variety of subjects. Corvid Moon currently represents 2 authors; myself, and Delilah Knight. Delilah is an erotica author with fantasy and BDSM elements.

We are committed to amazing, dark, and fun writing.

Our values

Our daily work is inspired by our values. Work being sitting in front of a computer writing our strangest fantasies. We try to keep our eco-footprint small, our people honest and our business transparent.

  • People: We love them, especially with mint sauce!.
  • Passion: Words.
  • Sustainability: Keeping it small and recycling everything.
Christmas Fair 2016

Our books


Our customers

Our customers love fantasy with strong female characters and weird twists. Our books have been called feminist fantasy because the women characters make their own decisions. Who knew it took so little.