About us

Laurie Stewart


The creative mind of our shop is Laurie. Author, landscape painter, film-maker.

She writes dark urban fantasy, Canadian lit, and epic fantasy. She even played with romance and steampunk in a few short stories.

Delilah Knight


Delilah is our resident erotica and romance writer. Although she's a new author, her twisted vision of fairy stories and BDSM, group and/or same sex love scenes leaves us breathless.

Her first book takes a look at fairies, her second; pirates! Her third book will be a science fiction erotic romance.



Our corporate cat is 20+ lbs of super soft fluff and attitude. He watches us write and judges every break in productivity.

I never should have told him we need to sell books to pay for cat food.

Our story

Laurie has been telling tales since she could talk, sometimes to great trouble when she told tales out of turn or to teachers. In time, she started working as a screenwriter and indie film producer. Health issues made the 14-18 hour days too difficult, so in 2015, she switched to writing novels. She has never, okay rarely, looked back. With five books out and half a dozen more in various stages of writing, she is our most prolific author.

Delilah is new, only one book out (ebook only) but with two more on the go. Her voice is fresh, funny and slightly weird. In a good way. She loves a good three or foursome (on paper) and is annoyingly cheerful in the morning.

Laurie at an outdoor book fair